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Specializing in: Roofing, Siding Skylights, Windows and Gutters

About Us

For more than four decades, Bob Rogers Roofing in Holliston, Massachusetts, has been your professional roofing contractor specializing in residential roofing services. We work on roofing repairs, gutters, skylights, siding, and windows. With a central office and showroom in Holliston and an additional office in Auburn, Bob Rogers Roofing is always able to be reached for service.

Led by Bob Rogers (46 years of experience) and Joe Rogers (17 years of experience), our family-owned-and-operated company uses our own employees for roofing, so you get a much more experienced contractor and more personalized service than you would with subcontractors.

Customers like the fact that we keep the work area clean every day and that when we're finished with a job we ensure everything is cleaned up. All debris is removed daily with our own dump trucks. Within a week of full installations, the owner inspects the job to ensure everything's up to the company's standard.

Bob Rogers Roofing

118 Washington St. Holliston, MA 01746

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Not only do we protect your home and landscaping, but we use our own equipment and dump trucks.  Dumpsters are unsightly, take up a lot of space and tend to damage driveways and yards.

We take pride in all areas of our work. Especially the protection of your home, gardens and landscaping.  We take the little extra time it takes to make sure your hard work is well protected.