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Specializing in: Roofing, Siding Skylights, Windows and Gutters

Finishing Touches

Its important that your home looks perfect and really has that "pop" feeling to it when you look at your new roof.

Quality Underlayment

What some people may not know, is that the quality of what you see on your roof, depends upon the proper products used underneath your shingles. 

It is very important to use the right materials and the right amount of materials to help protect against long winter months here in New England.  We specialized in keeping your home dry all year long.

Roofing Products

We offer a wide variety of brands, colors, material grade and are profesionally trained to install them.

Depending on what you want with your home, we can guide you to the right decision based on budget and quality for your new roof.  We offer several options for all kinds of homes and homeowners, catered to your specific needs.

Roof Ventilation

What some may not know is, proper ventilation not only helps keep cool or warm as needed, but prevents against ice damming and leaks.

Top(Ridge) to bottom, or over hang (Sofit) is the most efficient to keep your home breathing properly. We can help you choose what works best for you home and add or take away as needed to get you the right amount of ventilation.